Wonton noodles is a traditional dish from South China. Over the past several decades, it has evolved into different styles in different restaurants. Some noodle stalls offer big wontons while some use ready-made wontons and noodles in order to reduce costs and attract customers with "a big size and a low price".

MMK Noodles was founded in 1950 by Mak Man King and his wife Mak Hung Siu Hor. They started by offering noodles in a food stall on Bowring Street in Jordan, selling quality noodles at a reasonable price. To make sure the noodles are of the right texture, MMK uses self-made noodles. One can definitely recognise the flavour of egg noodles and shrimp roe noodles. All of the wontons are prepared according to the demand to make sure they are fresh and al dente. The high quality products are very popular among gourmets. With more and more customers, MMK moved into its present site in 1958. Although it has been under the management of different people, it still insists on offering the best dishes to customers. At the same time, it also introduces new dishes into the menu to give more variety to its patrons. For example, knuckles and shredded pork with Chinese barbecue sauce are many people's favourite dishes which are often sold out.

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